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Herman Parks
Sr. Content Writer

Having a thorough knowledge of the technology field and keenness to understand the newest technological advancements budding from around the globe have made Herman a Senior Content Writer in our organization. Having the appropriate skills to explain and depict the technology world in an easy manner, he writes news related to all the latest launches, updates, inventions, and much more. Herman, in free time, likes to keep tabs on all the new gadgets & devices as well as their applications in everyday life.

Email: herman.p@latestindustrynews24.com

Phone: +1 402-917-5189

Lawrence McAlpine
Sr. Editor

Lawrence is among the budding member of our team presenting his skills at simplifying the business-related concepts and terms in a simple manner. By gaining insights into several businesses from across the world, Lawrence puts forth the best of his knowledge and latest trends about a business in his articles in a skillful way. Apart from this, Lawrence also has a keen interest in politics and maintains a separate blog to put forth his viewpoints and opinions on several political affairs.

Email: lawrence.m@latestindustrynews24.com

Phone: +1 402-591-2217

Melissa Weissinger
Editor & Writer

Working as an Editor and Content Writer for over 3 Years, Melissa has skilled herself to write articles and reports regarding the day-to-day events, breakthrough, inventions, and launch news about the Science field. When not writing, she likes to read books of the fictional, suspense, and inspirational genre. She also loves to explore new places to spend time with friends and family whenever possible or, being a food-lover, try exploring new food places.

Email: melissa.w@latestindustrynews24.com

Phone: +1 402-551-8941

Mildred Smith
Sr. Writer

Mildred is among the experienced set of people in our organization with an experience of almost 6 years. Mildred uses her skills in writing about Health-related reports and articles. Makes understanding the complex terminologies and concepts simple by presenting the articles in simple and well-versed manner. Mildred scripts about all the invention, discoveries, and breakthroughs taking place across the globe. She also likes to attend health-related workshops and events to gain more insights into the field.

Email: mildred.s@latestindustrynews24.com

Phone: +1 402-919-5441

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Herman Parks  – Sr. Content Writer

Lawrence McAlpine – Sr. Editor

Melissa Weissinger –  Editor & Writer

Mildred Smith – Sr. Writer

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