Data Abuse Marring Tech Potential Warns Competition Commissioner, EU

Data Abuse Marring Tech Potential Warns Competition Commissioner, EU

Margrethe Vestager, Competition Commissioner of European Union, has warned that abuse of data by tech firms like Facebook, Twitter, Google and several others has darkened their potential to do good for the society. She said that most of them have misused user data for personal profits and did not respect privacy rights so the new regulations of General Data Protection Regulation has been created to ensure that people have more control over their private data usage. Speaking during an interview she said that promising glow of tech revolution has been darkened by lack of respect for rights and forcible manipulation, snooping and tracking methodologies.

Last year many data misuse scandals got public attention by headlines in the media. It includes open apology by Facebook for allowing Cambridge Analytica to harvest details of 87 million users for targeting political advertisements, social media firms Twitter and Facebook along with video sharing platform YouTube accepting that their platforms were used by Russian agencies to manipulate votes during presidential election in western world including US and Google was fined $5 billion by EU for using its Android technology in an illegal manner to defend its turf and continue dominance in field of search.

But with the new laws of GDPR tech firms will have to become more transparent about their dealings with users and will have to share details about how they will user data of likes, upload and shares. She says that within the next 10 this act will make dealings of tech firms more transparent and there will be fewer cases of data abuse for corporate profit. When asked if now the Competition Commissioner will play a more active role in breaking up monopolies that stifle competition due to dominance of one or two large firms, Ms. Vestager stated that instead of dismantling companies it will look at ways through which tech firms get access to data and make attempts to control that to limit their power.

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