FB Cause Of Worry For Investors Of FAANG Stock

FB Cause Of Worry For Investors Of FAANG Stock

A prime analyst and founder of Constellation Research based in Silicon Valley, Ray Wang has called Facebook to be a cause of great concern amongst FAANG stocks. He further added that the world of digital economy functions entirely on faith and Facebook has broken that multiple times. FAANG stocks include the technological leaders of Silicon Valley such as Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet.

All the cases where Facebook has reportedly broken the trust and has caused tension to FAANG stocks include Sheryl Sandberg as the central character. Sheryl is the Chief Operating Officer who became quite popular in the public when there was a report in New York Times. It was regarding the executive as well as the ongoing internal affairs of the social media company.

However, Wang confirmed that there has been no news on Sandberg’s expelling from Facebook. In order to re-establish trust among stocks, Facebook needs to make alteration in management. Or, someone can also be appointed who is trustworthy enough in the market. The recent issues related to privacy and cyber security need more strict attention than what is being given at the moment.

Wang also informed about the tech leader Apple who messed up the pricing. Especially in India, Apple wanted to make a market demand by making the price of the products unnecessarily high. That ended up being missed out from the entire market. Other limitations of Apple have also come to the forefront. The artificial intelligence installed in Apple devices, Siri does no good job at all. Billions of money that were used in the maps has no proper function. And there are serious issues with ECG function and Apple watch which are still unresolved. The trade tensions between US and China will also have an impact on Apple making the company weaker.

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