NYC Set To Implement Its Minimum Wage Policy From December 31

NYC Set To Implement Its Minimum Wage Policy From December 31

The workers who work on the least amount of wages are about to get a good news at the very beginning of the coming 2019. The administration of the New York is all set to implement its much awaited minimum wage policy from the 31st of December. The policy is also expected to increase the minimum amount of wage that those workers get while working; thus it will help in to improve the livelihood of those workers. The policy comes as a big boost to all the employees that work within the territory of New York.

According to the new policy, the workers will get a minimum of $15 every hour for their work. The policy comes as big reason for the celebration for all those workers who are currently struggling hard to earn their livelihood in one of the most expensive cities all over the world. The struggle of living has always been on a continuous rise from last couple of years where the basic things like rents of the houses along with other basic expenditures are sky rocketing. On the other hand, the things seem to be contradicting.

For the people who own any sort of businesses, the new policy which is about to be implemented is not a very welcoming news as they will have to bear the increased costs of the labors working for them. The new minimum wage policy will be applicable to all the employees who work for the fast food chains and also to the one who work at the places where there are a minimum of 11 workers working for the same business. At present, the minimum amount of wage is at $13. The increase of $2 is said to make a significant difference.

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