The UK Has A Drone Combating System In Place

The UK Has A Drone Combating System In Place

The latest technologies and transforming world are gradually taking over the conventional systems in the market. As a result of this, the researchers have to design systems with the potential to fight against the threats imposed by these systems. Currently, a detection system is deployed across the UK that has an objective to get over the threat from the drones.

The government has taken the decision of combating the threatening rise of the drones as these have proven to be a threat to numerous activities. The decision came to the news 3 days after a drone was sighted near the runway of the Gatwick airport. According to Ben Wallace, the security minister, these drones either entered the runway recklessly or with the intention to fulfill the criminal intentions. He also declared to impose serious punishments on the people who are responsible for the same. He also stated that the intense growth of these types of gadgets along with the challenges imposed by the countermeasures of the military has made the solutions difficult to achieve.  Hence, he has stated to deploy detection system that will identify the location of these gadgets and take the necessary steps to ensure such incidents are not repeated. Though he has not revealed how the latest system will be deployed to control the threat of the splurging drones, his commitment seems strong enough to serve the purpose. He also didn’t mention how soon the system will be updated in the country.

Over 1,000 flights were severely affected in the span of 3 days due to the chaos created at the Gatwick airport. Also, the airport authority has spent around £5 million over a week to control the deficits and prevent the attacks relate to copycat.

The civil aviation authorities of Australia has also stated the drone hot spot with detection sensors will be launched at the airports from the upcoming month as the incident at the Gatwick airport is an eye-opener for every country.

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