Some Heavy Flu Virus Activity Is Reported By The CDC

Some Heavy Flu Virus Activity Is Reported By The CDC

The flu season in the country seems to have already begun ads the effects are showing in many areas across the same. The CDC, which is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has recently reported some news regarding the same. As per the CDC, many areas are actually witnessing some serious level of virus activity, which is indeed a huge cause for concern.

As of this point of time, only a couple of states in the country are in the red, which include Colorado along with Georgia. Being in the red means these two states are facing some high flu activity, which is above average.

Some other areas as well, including New Jersey, are observing some moderate levels of the flu activity, and it is expected to get worse over time, thus calling for some preventative measures. Although the situation is a bit better as it is a step below the high activity that is prevalent in some other areas, it still needs to be addressed with seriousness.

Other areas in the country are witnessing low levels of the flu activity and these include Delaware and Pennsylvania. But even if it is low, it is a clear indication of the fact that the virus is actually spreading across the region slowly.

The flu season basically lasts for as many as 16 weeks, on an average, typically. This means that for the people who still haven’t got the flu shot yet, there is still significant amount of time left to do what is necessary. Some other things should also be considered while managing situations like these, such as doing simple things like washing the hands frequently. The flu is actually much worse than a bad cold, as it can have some effects that can be completely devastating. As per the reports, nearly six children have died pertaining to the flu complications in this year alone.

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