Scientists Develop Epilepsy Warning Machine

Scientists Develop Epilepsy Warning Machine

Several machines imbibed with artificial intelligence and Internet of things has taken over the market at a stable pace. One such gadget is a smartwatch that is helping the people to stay healthy by tracking the calorie burnt and steps completed.

Now, the researchers have decided to take the innovative gadget to a new level with the help of the latest technology dealing with identification of the epilepsy attacks during the night, which is fatal in most of the cases. The researchers have found the latest gadget is more effective than the other smartwatches or gadgets available in the market to serve this purpose.

This gadget is also termed as Nightwatch and is a crucial step in curbing the negative impacts of epilepsy attacks. It warns the caregivers or the family members so the necessary action can be taken, avoiding the fatality. Since it is easy to wear and looks stylish on the wrist as a bracelet, SUDEP or Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy can be avoided to a certain extent.

After the research team completed the design of the smartwatch, the Netherlands-based team initiated a test on 28 people who are intellectually disabled and are affected with epilepsy. The experiment went on for 65 days, when 28 participants wore the bracelet, Nightwatch. This smartwatch rang a loud alarm in case of an intense seizure. They were also kept under electronic surveillance to understand whether or not a false alarm was raised, which occurred during the absence of an attack and vice versa. The device monitors the special features of the epileptic seizure like jolting movements, rapid heartbeat, and other such changes in the body. The moment the device identifies the changes, an alarm sounded immediately.

The researchers concluded that out of the total cases, 85% were of severe attacks and 96% of the highly alarming cases raised the alarm.

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