UK Emergency Services, Police Force Remove Huawei’s 4G Kit

UK Emergency Services, Police Force Remove Huawei's 4G Kit

British Telecom confirmed early this week that it will remove equipment manufactured by Chinese firm Huawei from its communication system that is being set up for police services and essential emergency services within Britain. The firm is removing all Huawei kit from its core 3G and 4G mobile networks which would extend to work that is being done on the £ 2.3 billion project. BT will take charge of the extra cost that will be incurred during this switch and will ensure that there is no further delay of the Emergency Services Network that was originally due to be completed by end of 2019.

The network was originally meant to replace the Airwave radio system owned by Motorola which was used by all essential services providers like fire rescue, police and ambulance services. The ESN will give users “secure” and priority access to 4G network that is being extended through additional radio frequencies in remote areas and new mast sites. The operating cost of this network is likely to be cheaper than Airwave that will also provide superior voice and data features. But already the project is facing cost overruns and Home Office stated that it would pay for use of Airwave until 2022.

EE had won the ESN contract in 2015 just a year before it was acquired by British Telecom. After that it had to comply with the latter’s policy that Huawei’s kits will not be used in its core mobile networks which could create trouble for customers’ data. BT has a policy of limiting Huawei’s equipment to periphery services like phone mast antennas. EE spokesman stated that they will swap Huawei’s equipment with a new core network vendor that will comply with BT’s principles which were established in 2006. He stated that full capability of the ESN system will be offered from 2020.

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