This Newly Found Solar System Object Seems To Be The Most Distant One Ever

This Newly Found Solar System Object Seems To Be The Most Distant One Ever

As per the reports, astronomers have recently found yet another dwarf planet which belongs to our very own solar system, and the most interesting thing about this newly-found spatial object is that it is the most distant object ever found, when it comes to the objects in our solar system. As per the statement given by the astronomer named Scott Sheppard, who is from the Carnegie Institution for Science, the object is really far out. The planet, which is quite tiny in nature, is being called 2018 VG18, and is now nicknamed as Farout, by the team that plays a major role in the discovery of the same.

The planet is said to be so far, that it is almost as far as 3.5 times the distance between us and the controversial planet Pluto. To be precise, the exact distance between us and the Farout is nearly 11.2 billion miles, which is indeed huge. This distance, is actually 1000 times the distance between our planet Earth and the Sun, and it is about the same as Voyager 2, which is the NASA probe that was launched in 1977. The Voyager 2 has accomplished a milestone by reaching the interstellar this month.

The planet, Farout, was actually spotted by the Subaru Telescope, which is a Japanese telescope, in Hawaii, by the astronomer Shepard and some other colleagues on November 10. The planet is still quite mysterious, when it comes to the very basic questions about the same. One of the most intriguing things about the same is its orbit, which is quite unusual in nature, being at an angle that is unusual too. This unusual trajectory of most of the planets is said to be linked with the presence of a ninth planet, Planet X, whose discovery was the main objective of the team of scientists who discovered the Farout.

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