There’s No Time…Businesses Warn Over Brexit

There's No Time...Businesses Warn Over Brexit

British business houses are criticizing politicians for indulging in personal quarrels instead of preparing the economy for Brexit as there is literally no time left to prepare for no-deal situation. The groups said that with hardly 100 days left for exit of Britain from European Union there seems to be no contingency plan in place as politicians are more interested in personal battles instead of focusing on larger issues looming before them. The groups said declaration by ruling party that “no deal Brexit” would be managed easily by them is not credible.

EU is already preparing for both situations under Brexit whether it is deal or no-deal and will publish a legislation soon to ensure business continuity in 8 critical sectors on a temporary basis. These sectors include data protection, agriculture and animal husbandry, climate policy, customs and financial products along with rights of UK citizens living in EU.

PM Theresa May is urging first ministers from Wales and Scotland to support her Brexit deal at a London Summit.

Public Accounts Committee of MP’s declared that government has not made sufficient arrangements to ensure unlimited supply of medical equipment and essentials in case of a no-deal Brexit.

Industrial bodies like British Chamber of Commerce, Confederation of British Industry, Small Business Federation, Institute of Directors and EFF – manufacturers’ organization have given a joint statement that their members have watched in helpless horror as politicians have focused on factional disputes instead of focusing on taking practical steps to move forward. These business groups represent several thousands of private firms in Britain who insist that at least now government should take preventive measures to manage severe dislocation and disruption that will occur after 100 days. They said that due to government inaction they have had to invest money meant for expanding business towards contingency planning for “no-deal Brexit scenario”. Some firms have already started investing in EU nations due to uncertainty in Britain.

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