Scientists Found Fossil Relic Across The Space

Scientists Found Fossil Relic Across The Space

The previous stars from the universe have vanished, but the signature of their presence might be seen across the space, buried inside gas clouds such as space fossils. But the scientists believe that they have uncovered one. The researchers from Swinburne University, Melbourne worked at WM Keck Observatory, which is the home of world’s most powered telescopes, going to have an archeological dig inside the space. They found a flawless gas cloud inside distant universe, which was untouched by the heavy metals, saying that it was the “fossil artifact” of Big bang.

It is said that the universe is 13.7billion years old. And, over this time, many stars evolved and diminished. When the star dies, it may explode sometimes, turning it into supernovae. Such massive explosion discharges lot of heavy waste metals or elements, so when scientists search into space, often they come across the gas clouds mixed with such heavy materials. Over this period of 13.7billion years, many stars have been exploded, so lot of fossils might be present inside gas clouds. The study of those clouds allows the scientists to collect insights from some earliest events of the universe. When such gas clouds remain unspoiled due to waste, they must be living somewhere in the new born universe.

The team of researcher thinks that they have identified one cloud that is practically untouched due to such waste metals. But fossil relic found by them had no identifiable level of wastes. This was fully clean which suggests that it was derived from an early universe which & was untouched for about 1.5 billion years after this Big Bang. The discovery of this pristine cloud seems really important, says Murphy. Before this, two similar gas clouds were identified which were accidental. It is proven that many such fossils can be found which will help us to understand the formation of first galaxies.

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