The New Farm Bill Will Have Hemp Industry thriving

The New Farm Bill Will Have Hemp Industry thriving

The hemp industry of US is expecting its business to expand with new investors pumping more funds for its expansion as Congress has passed a law early last week which included permission to legalize and regulate farming of the plant under aegis of Dept. of Agriculture. The bill which is awaiting approval of President Trump will open doors to state-wise regulations and will remove the hemp plant from federal enforcement of outlaw drugs. The law if approved will give hemp farmers access to crop insurance, bank loans and also federal grants say experts.

This step could also help the industry that produces therapeutic cannabinoid to use it’s by products like fabric, rope and also ethanol. Creator of CBD product ImmunAGBomi Joseph stated that this law would allow the current CBD market to triple in size. Though CBD has been approved by FDA for limited health formulations it has been touted as an elixir to treat several chronic illnesses like cancer, menstrual cramps and nerve related disorders. Now any product derived from hemp will be a legal consumer product until then FDA regulations will apply.

The agency insists that CBD products cannot be sold as dietary supplements and marketers claiming medical benefits for their CBD products are making illegal statements without its approval. But most FDA enforcements are aimed at products marketed for life-threatening diseases so the food and dietary supplement regulation could be revisited once the law comes into force. Under the new bill all CBD products that are derived from hemp and contain 0.3 percent or less of cannabinoid THC will be considered legitimate and will not be controlled under DEA. Data firm New Frontier projected that the market for CBD in America would be worth $2.3 billion by 2022 while hemp derived CBD is expected to be worth more than half of that amount.

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