China’s Lander Makes An Entry Into Lunar Orbit

China's Lander Makes An Entry Into Lunar Orbit

Lander and rover spacecraft from China’s Chang’e-4 has entered the lunar orbit after it took a flight to the moon. The spacecraft stepped into the elliptical lunar polar orbit with 100-kilometer perilune at 0345 hours Eastern or 0845 UTC on 12 December after the insertion burn of the lunar orbit. The mission of this spacecraft is to be followed by Chang’e-5, the first sample return mission by China.

The primary single variable thruster of Chang’e-4 was fired after a command from BACC or Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center was issued. At that time, it was 129 kilometers away from the moon.

CLEP or China Lunar Exploration Project has declared the success of the latest mission within minutes of its entry into the lunar orbit and mentioned that the spacecraft was performing as programmed and will begin the preparations for the communication tests with the refinement of its orbit and a relay satellite. The carrier rocket, Long March 3B helped the launch of Chang’e-4 from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center located in Southwest China on 7th December at 1323 hours Eastern to complete a 110-hour journey to the moon.

For the phase of lunar transfer orbit, 3 trajectory correction maneuvers were planned. However, only a single trajectory maneuver was carried out on 9 December as the first and last maneuvers were not required for the operations, leading to its cancelation.

In 2019, the spacecraft will attempt a soft landing on the farthest end of the moon that comprises of a rover and Lander. This spacecraft has tidal locking that will not allow it to face the Earth. The primary components of the spacecraft are equipped with science payloads and cameras to analyze the subsurface, lunar surface geology, and solar wind interactions. These are also capable of carrying out radio observations of low frequency in a radio-quiet ambiance at the far side of the Moon.

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