Fast Food Healthier Than Restaurant Food In UK—Research

Fast Food Healthier Than Restaurant Food In UK—Research

A research study has proved that fast food chains are offering healthier meals with lower calorie content as compared to restaurant food. The study undertaken by University of Liverpool involved analysis of meals from many eating houses ranging from Hungry Horse to McDonald’s. 13,500 meals from food-menus of 21 restaurants were compared alongside those of six fast food chains.

Hungry Horse topped the list of restaurants with highest 1,358 kcal content in their average meals. Others like Stone House, Flaming Grill and Sizzling Pubs served per meal average calorie content of 1200 kcal. In the fast food category, KFC stood at the first spot by offering a per meal average calorie content of  987 kcal while for McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway it stood in the range of 700 kcal. A comparison of the calorie content of similar meals served in both types of eating houses showed that restaurants were leaps ahead of the fast food joints with regard to calorie content in their servings. Meals needed to have calorie content lesser than 600 kcal for it to be classified as healthy as per recommendations of Public Health England.

The study brought to notice the fact of underestimating the calorie content of meals eaten at restaurants and also the plate cleaning factor.

However, restaurants like Hungry Horse and others had begun to focus their efforts in serving low calorie and healthy meal options on their menus. But cost considerations remain a major stumbling factor. The government was meanwhile planning on making calorie disclosures on restaurant, café, takeaway food menus mandatory.

The calorie content information was based on online data obtained from restaurant chains as calorie disclosures on food menus was absent at most of them.

Healthier food options were available from fast food chains in response to greater pressure exerted on them by several campaigners.

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