Partnership Expanded By Google Cloud With Palo Alto Networks

Partnership Expanded By Google Cloud With Palo Alto Networks

Google Cloud has declared to expand its affiliation with global cyber-security firm Palo Alto Networks to speed up cloud implementation and simplify security. Its Application Framework will be run by Palo Alto Networks on Google Cloud to take benefit of Google Cloud Platform’s durable, secure storage and extremely scalable analytics tools and Artificial Intelligence, Google said.

Also, their “GlobalProtect” service will be run by Palo Alto Networks on Google Cloud Platform, said President for Global Alliances and Industry Platforms, Google Cloud, Tariq Shaukat. “This affiliation makes us a Google Cloud client, enabling us to run significant cloud-delivered security services at large extent and with the advantages of analytics expertise and AI of Google,” added Palo Alto Networks’ Varun Badhwar.

Badhwar further added, “We will also be functioning with Google Cloud to provide organizations stirring additional visibility, security abilities, and compliance to Google Cloud they require to put off cyber attacks.” Enterprises making use of Palo Alto Networks services on-premises will have a simpler approach to shift to the cloud while controlling their prevailing security investments. Shaukat informed, “Organizations who function on Google Cloud will have simple access to security functions from Palo Alto Networks with improved abilities accessible only on Google Cloud.”

On the other end, Google Australia has at last placed on the licensed cloud services list of the Australian government, obtaining approval to hoard and run unspecified workloads. Recently, the Australian Cyber Security Centre mentioned that the Google Cloud Platform had been included, “escalating the alternatives accessible to Australian government agencies.”

In a statement, the ACSC said, “The ACSC settled on that the Google Cloud Platform fulfilled the essential conditions and is appropriate to host Australian government workloads to unspecified DLM in particular areas.” Google is yet a step behind the opponent Microsoft that has obtained approval to run secluded level workloads in a particular area of its public cloud.

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