Comixify Employs ML To Convert Video Into Comics

Comixify Employs ML To Convert Video Into Comics

A number of comic books have come to life as films, but scientists at the Warsaw University of Technology have designed a system for converting live-action clips into a comic. Comixify chooses the best frames from any clip you give it and converts it into something that seems as if it belongs in a comic page.

As per the scientists, the project employs a neural-style algorithm that works on GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). The ML method works by employing 2 separate networks: a discriminator and a generator. The algorithm is given lots of data, which the generator employs to make new data examples. The discriminator is then given the job to determine if the use case is from the database it was educated on or created by the different network. The procedure carries on till the generator is making the work so akin to the training data that the discriminator can no longer differentiate difference.

Speaking of ML, ML tool designed by Chicago-located Uptake Technologies will be employed to forecast when equipments will require repair. It will also flag issues to army mechanics prior to they become catastrophic.

The pilot program will wrap a handful of Bradley M2A3s (armored infantry transports) used in active service. Sensors within the engines of the vehicles will record data such as RPM & temperature, and transfer to Uptake’s tool. This employs machine learning to check for patterns in the information that match with recognized engine failures in same machines.

“Our service is like a brain that gathers signals from all these equipments in the engine and creates reports,” Abby Hunt, the VP for communications at Uptake, claimed to the media in an interview. “Whether it is the coolant being depleted or some other issue, we know it since we have seen this in other engines, and can tell somebody that the vehicle might fail to work in a week or so, for instance.”

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