FCC Sanctions New Text Message Regulations, To Offer Carriers Extra Power

FCC Sanctions New Text Message Regulations, To Offer Carriers Extra Power

The FCC this week sanctioned a controversial action that offers mobile handset carriers more power over texts. The Republican leadership of the organization has pushed for the action, which will categorize text messaging as an information offering. The decision will offer carriers scope to avoid spam messages without fear of breaching the rule, over which Ajit Pai (Chairman) and his Republican associates have argued.

The categorization will only protect the current state of affairs. Chairman Pai claimed before the vote that the agency must not make it simpler for scammers and spammers to bombard users with unwanted messages and mentioned support for the decision from a bunch of attorneys general.

But the decision has got disapproval from consumer advocates, as well as from Jessica Rosenworcel (organization’s lone Democratic commissioner). While the FCC’s rules earlier left messaging in a gray spot, they have argued it must be more severely managed as a telecommunications offering. By employing the information offering categorization, the organization is offering carriers huge power to block texts they find contentious.

On a related note, the FCC earlier claimed that it is seeking to increase the minimum standard for rural broadband speed to 25 Mbps. This is more than 2 times the present need. Generally, this will augment speeds in rural regions that get broadband via government-subsidized initiatives.

Those government subsidies originate from the CAF (Connect America Fund) of FCC. The initiative is paid through phone bill charges that the Commission then drops in order to pass money onto carriers so they can develop networks in rural and less populated regions all over the nation. This augmented standard will only be applicable to networks that are developed in the future. On the other hand, the FCC will carry on using different programs to get Internet service providers to augment the speeds of current networks.

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