Amazon’s Fire TV Cube Gets Couple Of Features In Newest Update

Amazon’s Fire TV Cube Gets Couple Of Features In Newest Update

The Fire TV Cube by Amazon is launching a few new software upgrades this week that will fine-tune the experience of utilizing Alexa. The upgrades allow Alexa multi-room follow-up and music mode, and follow at the heels of previous news of Alexa Announcements arriving on Fire TV Cube.

To employ this feature, you can connect the Fire TV Cube in the Alexa App to the suitable speaker group. This comprises your HDMI-connected soundbar, TV, or AV system in addition to your other well-matched devices such as your Echo Dot and Echo Show. You can then request Alexa to play songs in that group with instructions such as, “Alexa, play my party playlist downstairs”, and it will play songs via supported platforms such as Pandora, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio.

Follow-up feature is an Alexa mode that was rolled out to Echo gadgets earlier in March. It allows consumers make consecutive requests without saying the “Alexa” wake again and again. When follow-up feature is on, the blue indicator will light up on both the device and the TV screen.

On a related note, aims to roll out an ad-supported video service for its Fire TV streaming devices’ consumers, claimed the news website The Information this week. The media reported sources well aware of this issue.

Extremely profitable ad sales were limelight for Amazon previous quarter, as the firm’s income from the sector and some other goods increased by 132% to $2.2 Billion. The new free service, temporarily dubbed as Free Dive, is different from ad-free subscription of Amazon (Prime Video service), that vies against Netflix, the report claimed.

Amazon was not instantly accessible for answers. The firm is in discussions with chief studios to permit earlier TV shows for the new service, which is being designed by the e-commerce firm’s IMDB, the television and movie information website.

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