Amazon Warehouse Employees Make An Effort To Unionize

Amazon Warehouse Employees Make An Effort To Unionize

Workers operating in new Staten Island fulfillment center of Amazon have declared their purpose to unionize, reports the media. Via a joint venture with the RWDSU (Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union), the workers claimed that they are aiming to deal with various problems, comprising lengthy unpaid security checks, safety concerns, insufficient breaks, and unreasonable hourly quotas.

The unionization decision follows in the wake of recent HQ2 declaration by Amazon, which will see it pump in $2.5 Billion in a primary new campus in New York, over the upcoming 15 Years. Reports that the firm got over $2 Billion in tax breaks have created issue from local lawmakers and communities.

The latest leak of a supposed anti-union training clip from the firm has also created issues. This clip, which is employed to train workers at fulfillment hubs, motivates managers to look out for indications of organizing activities such as distributing fliers and petitions or displaying a strange interest in benefits, policies, other company data m or employee lists.

On a related note, earlier this year employees at biggest logistics centre of Amazon in Spain marched for a strike. The strike was the first in the nation as they ask for better conditions and pay, a union claimed. The CCOO union’s Ana Berceruelo claimed to the media that the strike began with 98% of workers in San Fernando de Henares in the warehouse near Madrid following the stoppage of work. The logistics hub, where employees make packages for users in Europe and Spain, is the biggest in the country as well as the first opened there by Amazon in 2012.

Almost 1,100 Amazon workers and 900 individuals in employment by temping organizations work on site, as per the union. “There is almost no activity in the storehouse, we do not think instructions will be taken,” claimed Berceruelo to the media in an interview.

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