AHA Says Side Effects Of Statins Outweigh The Benefits

AHA Says Side Effects Of Statins Outweigh The Benefits

According to experts, Statins have lesser side – effects.  One of the recent statements from scientists states that the benefits of taking Statins outweigh the risks associated with the same. This finding applies to those who are suffering from a type of heart attack that is caused by blood clots, as per the American Heart Association.

The working of the Statin is that it lowers the content of the bad cholesterol by blocking the activity of a particular liver enzyme. Also, according to the statistics, around 25% of adults belonging to the age group above 40 undertake Statins as their medicine to reduce the risk of heart attacks caused through the formation of arterial plaque.

The authors who released the statement have said that there had been many trials conducted that clearly showed that statins were responsible for majorly declining the probability of getting a heart attack. To further strengthen this finding, they also conducted studies on a lot of other clinical findings to identify both the advantages and the harmful effects of statins. The authors have mentioned that barring some exceptions, it is very much realistic to curb the adverse side – effects that statins may cause.

Although there have been mentions that people who undertake statins develop muscle aches, the research findings reverse the truth by placing the fact that less than 1% of them have actually reported the same.

It may also be commonly known that there are some chances for diabetes to spike up during the consumption of statins. But again, the research states that the chance of statins being the sole reason for diabetes is just around 0.2% per year.

During the course of the research, they also looked at other potential side effects, particularly of the nervous system, but they had very little reason to conclude that the consumption of statins was responsible for this.

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