Kaizala Helping More Than 1,000 Private And Government Businesses

Kaizala Helping More Than 1,000 Private And Government Businesses

Microsoft this week declared that Kaizala (its enterprise social network app) is now assisting more than 1,000 private and government businesses to streamline growth and enhance workplace productivity in India. The firm also claimed that it will extend the reach of Kaizala to Office 365 commercial plans all over the world. The app was rolled out in India in 2017 and is now available all over 28 markets in Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America in 18 languages.

“With enterprise security and Cloud scale Kaizala is allowing organizations to attain more by engaging customers, empowering workers, and enhancing productivity at workplace. We are happy with the rapid acceptance in just more than year,” claimed President at Microsoft India, Anant Maheshwari, to the media in an interview.

Designed by the Microsoft Garage team, Kaizala permits users to be linked in a group, create groups within groups, and make hierarchy-based access to a group. Microsoft also declared new functions in Kaizala, such as “Persistent Chat” and “Me Chat” along with Web app and voice & video calling.

On a related note, Satya Nadella claimed that “Made for India” Kaizala app and faster acceptance of Microsoft Office 365 are assisting various Indian enterprises, from healthcare to banking, transform digitally by unlocking their true potential. Nadella claimed that in the world completely fill with immense opportunities with unsettling technologies modifying the models of business, Microsoft has assisted the SBI (State Bank of India) take a huge leap to Cloud and modernize its place of work.

“We are delighted to associate with SBI on their digital alteration as they tie together the Intelligent Cloud and build new digital ability to give power to their workers. This will also help engage users in new methods and change their services and products, while maintaining trust, security, and compliance with regulations of the industry,” Nadella claimed to the media.

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