Scientists Develop A New 10-Minute UCMRT Test For Measuring Intelligence

Scientists Develop A New 10-Minute UCMRT Test For Measuring Intelligence

Researchers have created a quick test which calculates “fluid intelligence.” The scientists at the University of California, Irvine and the University of California, Riverside aimed to find a cheaper and quicker substitute for the commonly used Raven’s APM (Advanced Progressive Matrices).

The universities or institutes usually use the APM to calculate the reasoning skills of students for under graduation. But this can charge hundreds of dollars and consume an hour to finish the test. Also, the APM does not have new questions every time the test is taken. Fluid intelligence is an individual’s capability to solve a problem and utilize logical thinking in unusual scenarios. As per to a research published in the journal Behavior Research Methods, the test has 23 questions that were tested on 713 students and the outcome correlated with, college GPA, math’s test, and college’s admissions test scores. The psychologists state that the test available to other academics for using it to research purposes, but they do not plan it to disclose it to the public. The lately developed UCMRT (University of California Matrix Reasoning Task) also measures student’s nonverbal reasoning skills and features abstract-questions on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet and it just takes 10 Minutes to complete.

Recently, the University of California was also in news for making a bold commitment to 100% clean electricity. As the effects of global climate change are growing even more alarming, the University of California has joined the developing list of universities institutions who have committed to 100% clean electricity similarly to the state of California. The state of California also declared its promise to switch to clean energy by 2045. Mark Byron—Renewable Energy Executive Director of the University of California—stated that purchasing 100% clean electricity is an important part of our plan to reduce the carbon footprint.

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