The 600 Years Old Company Is Switching To Digital Transformation

The 600 Years Old Company Is Switching To Digital Transformation

For increasing the swiftness, manufacturing innovative services, and shrinking the infrastructure expenses, most of the companies are opting for cloud computing services. Of the total companies interviewed by Lopez Research, one-third of the companies are using public cloud infrastructure services. But the striking part is the wide range of cloud services companies are currently adopting.

Most of the businesses face the problem of traditional infrastructure, Out of which, AB InBev is one of them. Currently, all the sectors of the company are in great need for digitalization to expand.

The important point to discuss is that how and from where this huge and extended company effort to initiate digitalization?

It begins with a customer-oriented delivery procedure where the investment returns are assured. To achieve digitalization goals, the company has contracted with Microsoft, using its Azure infrastructure, Office 365 Suite, and AI connected services. At present, most of the digitally transformed companies are expressing their views regarding the impact of choosing different cloud providers’ services, such as Office 365 Suite. AB InBev, after switching from traditional to digital transformed technology, it faced many challenges. Its summary of data was extremely bifurcated based on multiple acquisitions and mergers.

The only solution for this problem was to remake the whole data segmentation from the beginning by using many new services recently provided by cloud computing.

Another issue in choosing a cloud service for a globally-based business is the creation of regular cloud footprint throughout the world that would follow the rules and regulations as per the nation’s government. Data transparency related to its location and company’s policies as well as network dominance for global operations are the major issues while transferring confidential data from nation to nation. AB InBev handed over 40% of its data related work to the cloud within 1.5 Years.

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