Chinese City Mulls Launching Artificial Moon In Space

Chinese City Mulls Launching Artificial Moon In Space


 The idea of sending some new sources of light that will float into space has always been considered.

Hermann Oberth, a physicist of Germany proposed the concept of implementing mirrors in the space in the 1920s, for reflecting the light back to the earth. After seven decades in the year 1993, the Russian cosmonaut then released their experimental mirror into the space station.

The name of the mirror was Dubbed Znamya and it reflected the light back to the earth and it was comparatively more luminous than the moon. Unfortunately, it got burned up after entering into the earth’s atmosphere.

Hunt who is having a keen interest in these ideas and has specialized in the field of Technology and Science is still confused regarding the Chinese project.

According to his opinion, he thought that the space mirrors were not something to be appreciated about as they will not much practical because they can be only used for lighting the selected areas and it will cause huge light pollution which the astronomers will be much unhappy about. The light that is produced from the space mirror is not enough for obviating the demand for the lightning on the ground level. He looked into the entire thing as something that could possibly cause a problem than providing a solution.

William Schonberg who teaches civil engineering in the University of Mussoorie has raised similar concerns but he really appreciated the idea.

Schonberg on his statement to MACH via email, he reciprocated huge concern regarding light pollution and asked several questions like whether the residents who are present on the illuminated cities will be able to view the night sky or how it is going to affect the night vision and the amount of spillage that the other nearby cities are going to experience


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