New WhatsApp Update Brings Long-Awaited Feature To Android And iOS

New WhatsApp Update Brings Long-Awaited Feature To Android And iOS

Facebook-controlled WhatsApp has begun launching out a much-awaited function for iOS, Android, and Web. The firm has been operating on the Stickers function for quite some time. It is a gradual launch and will reach your handsets in the next few days. The firm has also rolled out a Stickers shop in the application that will allow consumers to install different kinds of stickers similar to what you do in other messaging applications.

Initially consumers will get only one bunch of Stickers dubbed as “Cuppy” by Minseung Song, which comes installed by default with the update. On the other hand, later consumers will be able to install any new pack of sticker from the shop and also remove the ones that are present.

As per the official website, Android consumers will have to employ the Emoji icon positioned on the left of the display to use the stickers. Alternatively, the iOS consumers when they wish to send sticker have to tap on the sticker icon placed in the text field.

Speaking of stickers, the Beta version 6.5 of Gboard will be launching out soon with huge additions such as incorporation of Bitmoji and stickers. Other enhancements comprise modifications in the setting page of Themes and changes to most of the keys on the keyboard. The last update of Gboard was the addition of GIF support. And now since the iOS gadgets also support Bitmoji and stickers, it was high time for Google to improve.

The Bitmoji and stickers will come into sight when you click on the emoji key present on the keyboard. Once you are there, it will ask you to install the Bitmoji app and the stickers pack from Google Play Store. Once you have installed both, it will operate on all the applications that support GIFs from Gboard.

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