Tesla Caring For Its Employees Provides On-Site Health Services

Tesla Caring For Its Employees Provides On-Site Health Services

Tesla is not only focusing on the manufacturing and development of new models but also took a major attempt in providing better care and keeping its employees healthy. During the discussion of financial earnings of the Tesla on Wednesday, Elon Musk—CEO of Tesla—proudly announced about the initiation of health clinics in the company for employees.

During the announcement, Musk said that Tesla’s health clinics would offer immediate first class health care available on the spot to the employee, who may get injured or with a poor health condition. Tesla’s medical staff includes doctors as well as nurses and administered by an orthopedic surgeon.

Tesla becomes one among the group of technology companies that facilitate immediate medical services to their employees. Amazon is also planning to provide immediate health services by opening its own health clinics in the coming year. Apple, for its AC health centers is also recruiting doctors.

Though Musk has not yet specified any name for its health centers, several people mentioned on LinkedIn that they are working at “Tesla Clinic”, Fremont, California; as receptionist or assistant.

Some of the giant self-insured companies are associated with entities such as One Medical and Crossover Health, which are highly focused to provide medical services for workers on the site or nearby health clinics.

Tesla’s vice president of environmental health and safety, Laurie Shelby expressed views about the benefits of providing health services to Tesla’s employees by saying that the service helps in preventing loss of work and time.

Along with the initiation of health services on Wednesday, Elon Musk also announced about the approval of the prototype of electric car SUV Model Y. However, commercial manufacturing is not scheduled until the year 2020. He also provided a quiet statement regarding the Tesla’s first gainful quarter from the past two years.

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