Oculus Closes Down Movie Rentals And Purchases On Rift

Oculus Closes Down Movie Rentals And Purchases On Rift

Oculus declared that it is closing down movie purchases and rentals via its Oculus Rift video app, effective from October 23, 2018. As per a statement sent to Rift consumers via mail, Oculus claims that they will be reimbursing users who brought videos earlier on Rift via the Oculus Video app.

Users will have access to their videos till November 20, 2018, after which the firm claims that consumers will no longer be capable of accessing any rented or purchased movies via Oculus Video. But users can carry on watching streams and video from other sources, such as Facebook 360. Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go will still have authorization to video on demand, comprising rentals and purchases, as the firm determinedly claims that its mobile headsets are majorly for media usage and not gaming similar on Rift.

“Over the years, we have seen how users employ VR for everything from movies to gaming, and it has become obvious that while users love to experience immersive media on other gadgets, Rift is used majorly for gaming. These insights tell how we support existing and new apps & features all over the platform,” the firm claimed.

Speaking of VR headsets, HP earlier declared that it will fuel performance of HP Z4, its best trading workstation, with an alternative of Core X or Intel Xeon chips that will back extreme dual graphics. The firm also displayed its VR (virtual reality) headset. HP Z4 Workstation is now accessible with an introductory cost of $1,499.

“The refreshed Z4 workstation, in addition with our newest HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset and new users-friendly VR services and solutions, will change the way goods all over the industries are designed,” General Manager and Vice President for Z Workstations at HP Inc, Xavier Garcia, claimed to the media in an interview.

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