Google Ends the ban on Android device firms

Google Ends the ban on Android device firms

After the tussle with European Union, Google has decided to withdraw its restriction, which it had inflicted on the Android phone makers. Previously Google had a ban on the manufacturers of phones and tablets who were using an operating system other than Android. There were some stringent rules and regulations which the Android phone makers also had to follow. The company is also going to permit the manufacturers choose which services from Google they want to install and the ones which they do not want to install. Though Google has agreed to make changes in its policies, the tech giant is still appealing to remove the 4.3 Billion Euros pound which has been inflicted on it by European Union. EU has declared that they do not think it is a right approach from Google to put conditions on the mobile manufacturers who want to use Google services. They have also accused the tech giant of leading to unfair business and hence charged the company with a whopping amount of penalty in July 2018.

Google informed the world about the changes in its policy through its blog. These licensing agreements will be effective from October 29, 2018. The new policies will be applicable to the gadgets which are being shipped to the countries under European Economic Area (EEA). The countries which fall in this region are Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland along with the countries which are a group of the European Union.

The non- bundled policy of Google will let manufacturers install only the apps they want. Earlier, if the manufacturers wanted to install Google Maps and YouTube, they also had to install Google Chrome and the Google Search application. This leverage comes with a condition. The company executive, Hiroshi Lockheimer informed that offering all the apps in a bundle helped the company to fund the development of the applications and provide Android as free and open source.

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