Cyprus’s Budget Airline Stops Operations…

Cyprus's Budget Airline Stops Operations...


The sudden cancellation of flights of one of the airlines of Cyprus comes as a shock to the passengers. The airlines declared the flight cancellation on its website. The announcement was made official on Wednesday midnight.

The airlines not only had flights within Cyprus but also were an option for the residents of United Kingdom to come to the island. This carrier is Cobalt and the reason stated by the local journalists of Cyprus for this sudden stop to its services is assumed to be insufficient funds. The airline has not been able to find an investor for funding its operations. At present Avic Joy Air from China is the main fund provider for this carrier.

On its website the flight carrier asks the passengers not to visit the airport. They also informed that the services have been suspended for an indefinite time span. Whatever money the customers have spent will be refunded by the credit card department or by the travel agent from whom they have booked the tickets.

Though at present there is no definite count of passengers who have been affected by the flight suspension, in total 9 flights were supposed to arrive at the Larnaca airport and 9 were supposed to depart from the airport on Thursday.

Cobalt had multiple flights which flew to various countries in Europe, namely, Heathrow, Manchester, Stansted, and Gatwick. The company had also flights for Russia and the Middle East. This sudden suspension of services has not gone too well with the passengers. They have raised their concern on Twitter. While one of the passengers informed that he has a guest flying from Greece to Cyprus and she is now clueless about what to do. Vassiliki Anastassiadou, who is the Cypriot transport minister, informed that the government will be paying for the return tickets to help people return to their home.

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