University of Southern California Selects Univa To Manage Rising Infrastructure

University of Southern California Selects Univa To Manage Rising Infrastructure

Univa this week declared that it is operating with the ISI (Information Sciences Institute) to assist manage their increasing infrastructure and pace the group’s ML research. Univa is a leading innovator in optimization solutions and workload management for enterprise customers and HPC (high-performance computing). ISI is a unit of the Viterbi School of Engineering of University of Southern California.

ISI is a world dominator in R&D of enhanced communications & computer technologies and information processing. ISI has 350 research scientists, engineers, staff, and graduate students. It includes cyber security, ML/AI, HPC architectures, novel electronics, and quantum computing. The organization’s VISTA (video, image, speech and text analytics) group invested the last 3 years discovering facial recognition, which has noteworthy implications for commerce and security. As compute workload requirement elevated for this group, it became obvious that a more classy manner to manage & distribute resources amongst its various users was need.

Speaking of ML and AI, a new study discovered that particular tasks within jobs, instead of whole occupations themselves, will be substituted by computerization in the years to come, with some roles more greatly affected than others.

“Our discovery suggests that a change is required in the argument about the impacts of AI. These changes are away from the ordinary aim on complete computerization of full jobs and an omnipresent occupational substitution toward the reengineering of business processes and redesigning of jobs,” the scientists claims in an article posted in the American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings.

The article is written by Brynjolfsson, professor of machine learning department at Tom Mitchell of Carnegie Mellon University. He was assisted by Daniel Rock, a researcher at the MIT Initiative and doctoral candidate on the Digital Economy. “In spite of what Hollywood is stating, we are extremely far from general artificial intelligence,” the scientists claimed.

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