Instagram To Now Detect Bullying With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence

Instagram To Now Detect Bullying With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence


According to the reports, the social media giant Instagram has recently announced that it has adopted a new kind of technology for certain purposes, including the detection of the online bullying across the photos that are shared on the application of the company. It has now joined the league of a few other companies that are adopting some new technologies such as artificial intelligence, in order to moderate the platforms of the companies. Instagram will be using this technology based on AI to monitor some activities that are disturbing for some of the users.

Adam Mosseri, the man who has just been appointed as the new head of Instagram, has told the media in one of the press release, that while many photos that are shared on the platform are a source of joy, and positive, it also happens that sometimes people share some photos on the platform that may be unkind and unwanted for other users on the platform. He also added that the company will now start using the machine learning technology, mainly to detect the bullying in some of the photos on the platform, along with the captions of some of the photos, and these would then be sent to the community operations team of the company, which will review them.

The parent company of Instagram, Facebook, has also adopted some tools to battle this situation of bullying, and the company will start using these tools from this month. The social media giant will introduce certain features that will help the users to remove all those comments that are actually troll comments. All of the social media companies are under a huge pressure to manage this situation of harassment, that has become very common across the various platforms, and since there are many users, this is becoming a huge challenge for the companies.

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