The Breach Said To Be The Reason For Google+ Shutdown Was Not A Breach

The Breach Said To Be The Reason For Google+ Shutdown Was Not A Breach


For many months, the tech giant Google has been doing its best to keep itself out of the tech backlash, which has been growing significantly. But yesterday, it was found that there was actually a bug in the network of the company called as Google+, which had failed to attract the users from the beginning itself. This bug which was found seems to have exposed the information, which was basically the private information of nearly 500,000 users of the network. While the company found as well as fixed this particular bug earlier this year, in March, the Cambridge Analytica story also started heating up at the same time.

But now that this news regarding the bug has broken, the damage seems to have been spreading and with a significant pace. The consumer version of the network Google+ is said to be shutting down soon, and the piracy regulators in the regions including Germany and the United States are also considering taking certain legal action. The former officials of the SEC are also trying to find out what exactly went wrong for the tech giant.

Not only the crime that has been committed by the company is a problem for it, but the cover-up of this seems to have become an even greater problem now. While this problem was fixed by the company quite a few months ago, the company waited for quite long, before coming up clean with the same. It is really uncertain whether the company will face some serious backlash for this particular situation that the company is into. But problems like this are of the potential to cause a huge danger, not only for the users of the company but also for the companies themselves, which is evident from this case. Whether it was a bug or a breach, only time will tell.

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