Apple Replaces Google To Be The Top Global Brand, Facebook Resides At 9th Place

Apple Replaces Google To Be The Top Global Brand, Facebook Resides At 9th Place

Apple replaced Google to turn out to be the best brand in 2018 in the world while Facebook, caught up in data breach scams, dropped to 9th position in the leading 100 brands all over the world, an yearly claimed last week. As per “Best 100 Global Brands 2018” report by Interbrand (the global brand consultancy), Amazon got a 56% increment to turn out to be the 3rd top brand all over the world.

As per the ranking, the brand value of Apple developed to $214.5 Billion by 16% as compared to previous year. It went on to become the first firm in the nation to cross the $1 Trillion market value. “In 2nd place, Google was up by 10% to $155.5 Billion while Amazon is capitalized at $100.8 Billion,” the report claimed. Microsoft (capitalized at $92.7 Billion) was 4th while Coca Cola (capitalized at $66.3 Billion) came 5th chased by Samsung on 6th place. The brand value of Facebook has dropped 6% in 2018 due to the data scandal involving Cambridge Analytica.

Speaking of Apple, Apple earlier claimed that it has purchased a startup that is aimed on manufacturing lenses for AR glasses. The purchase comes as a signal that Apple has dreams to make a wearable gadget, which will superimpose digital data on the real world. Apple verified that it purchased Colorado-located Akonia Holographics. “Apple acquires smaller firms from time to time, and we normally do not talk about our plans or purpose,” the iPhone manufacturer claimed to the media in an interview.

Akonia cannot instantly be reached for answers. The firm was established in 2012 by a bunch of holography researchers and had initially aimed on holographic info storage prior to shifting its efforts on making screens for AR glasses, as per its website.

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