iPhone XS Max And iPhone XS Consumers Complain Of One More Bug

iPhone XS Max And iPhone XS Consumers Complain Of One More Bug

Apple lately rolled out its flagship devices namely iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. The handsets have been loved by many but some consumers are also crying about the problems that they are encountering. Previously this week, some of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS consumers reported about the charging problem, which they are encountering with the handsets. The firm then acknowledged the problem and claimed that it will launch a solution for the same with roll out iOS 12.1.

Now a new problem has surfaced with the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. Some of the iPhone consumers took to the firm’s official page that they are encountering issues with the smartphone’s speaker. The consumers state that the earpiece of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS randomly stops operating while playing songs. The consumers have claimed that they are not encountering any problems at the time of calls but the issue occurs while playing music.

Speaking of errors and bugs, it seems like Google has an error to fix. Scientists have discovered a new error that makes employment of an Android smartphone’s external storage and allow attackers to silently install apps to get hands on data.

The scientists, talking in Las Vegas at Defcon hacker event, have claimed that this procedure is dubbed as “Man-in-the-disk” attack. This takes place when application developers are not cautious about the memory their apps use in the external memory section, which is something that is out of sandbox protection by Android.

It has been cited that some coders do not follow the rules laid out by the company completely. The rules claim that an app should not store executable data in external memory (which is shared by other apps too). Developers must do confirmation tests and more.

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