Scientists Debate Over Vitamin D Supplement Benefits

Scientists Debate Over Vitamin D Supplement Benefits

The vitamin D supplements have now proved to be not that effective when it comes to the strengthening of the bones. It has been the topic of research since quite a long time. The doctors nowadays are deciding on whether to prescribe the supplements to the patients or avoid it. According to Dr. Mark J. Bolland from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, the supplement does not improve any bone mineral density or prevent the bones from cracking.

The previous studies had shown that vitamin D helped reduce the risk of hypertension or osteoporosis and also, in addition, kept the bones strong by absorbing more of calcium. As per the current research team, there is little justification to the meta-analysis of the supplement whether consumed in a higher or lower dose when it comes to bone health. However, the vitamin D supplement helps decrease the risk of osteomalacia and rickets, which may occur due to prolonged exposure to the Sun. Thus, it is a huge topic of debate whether or not the supplement maintains or improves the musculoskeletal health. Right now, the health officials have to start looking into the previous clinical guidelines and make the changes required as per the current ongoing researches. The widespread use of all the vitamins including vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, and so on is currently being questioned. The study on the bone health after using vitamin D supplements can no longer be relied on; hence, it is better to substitute it with fatty fish including tuna, salmon, cod, and mackerel along with other foods such as milk and orange juice. The pros and cons of vitamin D is a debate the scientists are now addressing the people to fortify using foods or sunlight instead of the supplement.

The researchers Dr. Andreas Koeberle and his colleagues of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena have found that the vitamin E capsules or tablets taken for reduction joint degeneration in rheumatism and arthritis, stop skin aging, and even protection against cardiovascular diseases and cancer have now been proved to have negative effects such as detrimental anti-inflammatory effects in the liver.

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