Voice Commands Being Tested For Facebook Messenger

Voice Commands Being Tested For Facebook Messenger

Voice commands are being tested by Facebook for calls and chat in its Messenger platform. As per a TechCrunch’s report, the feature can soon enable one to utilize voice to speak and drive messages, commence voice calls as well as create reminders.

A spokesperson for Facebook Messenger substantiated that internally Facebook is experimenting with the voice command feature. The spokesperson said, “We often conduct test with new experiences with employees on Messenger. This time, we have nothing much to share.”

Voice control can make Messenger easier to use hands-free. Earlier, the Facebook Messenger was speckled experimenting the speech transcription as a section of the Aloha voice assistant supposed to be component of the forthcoming Portal video chat screen device of Facebook.

The report stated, “Facebook Messenger is keen to distinguish itself from Android Messages, Snapchat, SMS, and other texting platforms.” Messenger has a monthly active user base of more than 1.3 Billion. Now its “Stories” feature has a daily active user base of more than 300 Million.

On the contrary, few Facebook users on 4 October in India supposedly stated that their Messenger was incorrectly accessed and that their accounts were undermined by hackers to seek money from the Facebook friends of the user. According to the report, this seems to be a classic incident of a phishing attack wherein a hacker makes a deceitful effort to get sensitive information such as a password or a username.

The users, as per the report, obtained notifications from Facebook on their WhatsApp accounts asking a password alteration, upon executing the account got hacked. The news arrived merely a few days after the social media giant had declared that the hackers had disclosed personal data of almost 50 Million users.

Overall, Facebook has a user base of around 2 Billion, so the breach affected roughly 2.5% of Facebook users.

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