Cardiologists Are Using Hybrid Approach For Prevention Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiologists Are Using Hybrid Approach For Prevention Of Cardiovascular Diseases


At present, the major causes of death in the U.S. are heart attacks and strokes. Jeffrey Wessler, a cardiologist at Columbia University Medical Center, after spending a lot of time treating patients with threatening heart and other chronic diseases, he felt depressive and started finding different ways to reduce the dreadful effects of heart disease over the patients through changes in their lifestyle and other interventions, and discovered a new specialty giving it a name of preventative cardiology.

Rather than trying to cure the disease at a critical stage, he wanted that patients could take preventive measures at the initial phase of the disease. So, in late 2016, he launched a startup ‘Heartbeat’ with some of the trained cardiologists, data scientists, engineers, and patient experience specialists. Heartbeat is a digital health company that has opened clinics for the people who may have heart-related problems.

According to Heartbeat, digital methods alone are not efficient for health care, as many startups are providing aiding facilities to connect with doctors through smartphones. But most of the patients want a direct face-to-face appointment with the doctors and physicians. Currently, along with Heartbeat; one medical and Forward have been providing hybrid approach. According to Wessler, despite investing more in the software-based treatments and operations, he opted for opening physical clinics.

For accession of cardiovascular risk, the team of Heartbeat tries to convince people before the visit through digital components including online tests; and in the clinic, the patients are regularly tested for heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, BMI, EKG, and cardiac ultrasound. The Heartbeat clinic appears as a combination of a startup workspace, a doctor’s place and a gym providing a very comfortable environment.

The clinics have tied up with major insurance companies such as Medicare. The company is focusing to reduce the occurrence of heart strokes among its patients in the coming 5 to 10 Years.

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