Google Chrome To Terminate Support For Android Jelly Bean

Google Chrome To Terminate Support For Android Jelly Bean

Google Chrome is about to terminate the operating system called Android Jelly Bean. This operating system was launched in November 2012. The latest commitment with a “work in progress” label has revealed this development. However, it is not clear when the firm will officially stop pushing Chrome updates for gadgets operating on Android Jelly Bean.

Earlier this year, Google terminated Android Jelly Bean support for the Google Duo video chat app. According to the recent Android distribution statistics, currently, the Jelly Bean platform owns 3.2% of the entire Android market. The commitment posted by Google engineer verifies that Chrome browser is about to terminate the support for Android Jelly Bean devices. Now, in the “About Chrome” section, a fresh warning icon and message will be displayed. It will notify users if they are using the Chrome browser on the unsupported Android version.

On a similar note, Google announced that it is expanding its collaboration with Facebook. This collaboration is intended for developing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Google is incorporating Facebook’s open source Machine Learning (ML) PyTorch framework in its hardware and software tools for the AI development.

PyTorch is said to be a deep-learning framework. It is intended for the effortless and flexible testing. Last week, Facebook revealed the preview release of PyTorch 1.0. Rajen Sheth, Director, Product Management, Google Cloud, stated that with the latest launch of PyTorch 1.0 Preview, the firm is expanding the support for PyTorch throughout Google Cloud’s AI platforms and services.

ML developers employ numerous tools. Google has incorporated some of the most famous open source frameworks into its services and products, including PyTorch, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, and XGBoost. Sheth proclaimed the firm is happy to announce that Google’s TPU team members are effectively working with PyTorch developers for connecting PyTorch to Cloud TPUs.

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