CAMS Rolls Out Self-Service Chatbot For Mutual Fund Investors

CAMS Rolls Out Self-Service Chatbot For Mutual Fund Investors

CAMS (Computer Age Management Services), the mutual funds transfer agency, this week declared the roll out of “CAMServ,” a mutual fund investors’ self-service chatbot. As per the firm, this first of its kind program in the sector will offer digital real-time CX (Customer Experience) for investors who have pumped in CAMS-serviced mutual funds. CAMServ will cover both NFTs (non-financial transactions) and financial transactions associated with mutual funds.

Being the chatbot launched on (CAMS website), CAMServ aims at assisting users update contact details, get real-time outlook of different investments, update bank account, make scheme-associated modifications, start updating nominee details, order a broad range of statement of accounts, and conduct financial transactions. Investors can also receive real-time authorization to data on SIP details, Mutual Fund purchases, FATCA, Dividend, or KYC related doubts.

Speaking of chatbots, Biz Stone (Twitter co-founder) has pumped money in a Delhi-located AI-supported chatbot named “Visit.” This chatbot is the brainchild of students from BITS (Birla Institute of Technology and Science), Pilani in Rajasthan.

Established in 2016 by Vaibhav Singh, Anurag Prasad, Chetan Anand, and Shashvat Tripathi, “Visit” is an AI-supported chatbot for health advice assisting and learning from, current doctors.

“People chat with the ‘Visit’ chatbot by sharing some signs. The bot checks with relevant queries to gather more risk factors and symptoms (such as: is the person diabetic, hypertensive, or a smoker). This triaging is low stress and conversational,” Stone claimed to the media in an interview. “Visit” aims to democratize healthcare by lowering the shortage of doctors employing AI.

“In India, for each doctor there are almost 2,000 patients queued up in front of clinics. Accessibility to proper health advice is a devastating issue in a nation with more than 200 Million individuals impacted by lifestyle issues such as chronic conditions, stress, skin conditions, obesity, and more. This is where the tech approach by ‘Visit’ comes in picture,” Stone claimed.

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