iOS Philips Hue App Upgraded With Support For Siri Shortcuts

iOS Philips Hue App Upgraded With Support For Siri Shortcuts

The iOS Philips Hue application this week got an update with Siri Shortcuts support, permitting consumers to include their lights to a Shortcut to switch on scenes such as “Movie Time.” Siri will also now get trained when users are employing their favorite scenes and recommend them for speedy activation in Siri search, on the iOS lock screen, and on the Siri Apple Watch face.

The Shortcuts app was rolled out within iOS 12 to the public in September 2018, enabling consumers to generate multi-step shortcuts employing first and 3rd-party applications that can be set on by voice instructions to Siri. Shortcuts are extremely customizable, and 3rd party applications such as the Hue app are capable of developing speedy actions for Siri that can be integrated within Siri Shortcuts. At the time of the initial declaration, the firm clarified how Hue shortcuts are well-matched with other shortcuts.

Speaking of Siri, Apple earlier left a gigantic loophole in is operating system for iPhones. This error offers practically anybody the authorization to hidden notifications of anybody’s handset. All they require to do is to just ask. As located by Mac Magazine, anyone can ask Siri, the digital assistant of Apple, to read out the messages on the smartphones and it just will read the notifications out loud. The virtual assistant will not even confirm if it is actually the device’s owner.

The local media tried it and was capable of replicating the problem in the most enhanced smartphone of the company, iPhone X. The bug operated with WhatsApp and a handful of more 3rd-party applications. As per the report, the bug operates on Facebook Messenger, 3rd-party email apps, and even Slack. If you are an owner of iPhone X, you must be alert that the handset hides the content of notification out of the box in lock screen.

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