Mabu To Work With The American Heart Association

Mabu To Work With The American Heart Association

Catalia Health this week declared that it has joined hands with the AHA (American Heart Association) to bring AHA-accepted content on strokes and heart attacks to Mabu. Now, Mabu is a personal health assistant robot developed to lower readmission of patients (suffering from congestive heart failure) to hospitals.

Mabu is akin to robots such as Pillo, which is developed to remind patients to take their pills. But Mabu also tracks patient activity and provides education to better assist those identified with congestive heart failure. As a fraction of the Center for Health Technology & Innovation’s Innovators Network by AHA, Mabu will now employ stroke and heart attack info that has been validated by medical science and gathered over the years.

“We have made an agreement with them to be capable of accessing all of that content. And so we are now fundamentally ingesting it into our platform. Hence, Mabu can start utilizing all of the data in chats with patients,” Catalia Health claimed to the media. The association will also lend Mabu more credibility and assist to cobranded campaigns of Catalia Health in partnership with the AHA offer hospitals and patients an advanced sense of what the robot can perform.

Speaking of robots, MIT researcher earlier invented the tinniest robots yet that can store data, sense their environment, and even perform computational errands, crafting the path for ingestible tools for health monitoring. The gadgets, which are almost the size of a human egg cell, comprise of small electronic circuits composed of 2D substances attached on colloids (minuscule particles). Colloids, which are insoluble molecules or particles anywhere in the dimension from a millionth to a billionth of a meter across, are so tiny that they can remain suspended indefinitely in the air or even in liquid.

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