Researchers Say Physical Therapy Can Efficiently Treat Children With CMT

Researchers Say Physical Therapy Can Efficiently Treat Children With CMT

Congenital muscular torticollis (CMT) is a widespread postural deformity found in infants. Recently, scientists proclaimed that this condition can be treated effectively with the help of physical therapy. A set of updated proof-based suggestions for physical therapy management of CMT is recently presented in the journal Pediatric Physical Therapy.

Reflecting the recent research related to the screening, prevention, and intervention of CMT, the 2018 update highlights the significance of early detection and recommendation for the physical therapy. The latest clinical practice guideline states that the early intervention for infants suffering from CMT, which was started before the age of 3–4 Months, shows outstanding results. The 2018 clinical practice guideline for the physical therapy management of CMT reveals novel research since the earlier guidelines that were revealed in 2013. The latest guidelines also include 17 “action statements.” These action statements are supported by the recent research proof.

On a similar note, the Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine (RCIGM) and IDbyDNA, a metagenomics technology firm involved in the decoding of microbial genomics into the practical data for healthcare providers, rolled out a clinical assessment. Reportedly, this assessment will assist in improving diagnostics for pediatric central nervous system (CNS) infections. The latest assessment is named as Pediatric Infectious disease Precision medicine using Sequencing Evaluation of CSF (PIPSEC). This test is supposed to assess IDbyDNA’s advanced sequencing and analysis platform named Explify.

Stephen Kingsmore, M.D., President & CEO, RCIGM, proclaimed that the diagnosis of children presenting the signs for CNS infection is a complex process. He added that this is a highly time-sensitive process as well. Kingsmore stated that it is necessary for doctors to have permission to solutions that can offer pathogen ID quickly. He added that these solutions can also notify physicians if the signs are occurring from an infection or from an autoimmune disease.

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