YouTube Is Bringing Miniplayer To Allow People Enjoy Browse While Watching

YouTube Is Bringing Miniplayer To Allow People Enjoy Browse While Watching

Earlier this year in March, YouTube, the video streaming giant, started testing a desktop feature that allows multitasking with two videos that offer the similar functionality, to improve browsing while watching.

It was clear at that time that a mini player was about to join. And 7 months following the strictly programmed A/B trails, the video streaming giant is looking to bring PiP (picture-in-picture) playback feature for more users, as per 9to Google, which identified it on Chrome OS both during logged in time and in Incognito Mode and Safari for Mac. A lot of European staff of Engadget also had seen it as well.

A new icon of Miniplayer has been displayed at the bottom-right corner of the tools segment of YouTube. By clicking the icon will shrink and slot the video over the spot which shows the window the title and publisher, as well as labeling the playlist that has the search bar placed at the video bottom.

Start the playlist and an icon in the bottom-right corner allow the people to see the list of what is coming with the capability to hop around the features. There is as well added controls for shuffle and repeat function for music playlists.

Turning on the mini player will take the user to its last visited page. Or, in case you want to the video directly, PiP has the ability to take the homepage of YouTube. In the meantime, the button to close the mini player will be on the upper-right corner will take you out of the minimized window of the PiP. By clicking on the window, will take the users to the full view of the video; however, the right clicks start an options menu.

There have been a lot of things that Google has introduced an upgraded in YouTube app this year.

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