Epidemiologist From Harvard Say Teenager’s Behavioral Pattern May Be Linked To Insomnia

Epidemiologist From Harvard Say Teenager’s Behavioral Pattern May Be Linked To Insomnia

Matthew Weaver, the associate epidemiologist from the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School, has conducted a study on the interconnection between suicidal or risky behavior and sleep so as to help millions of teens dealing with mental issues.

The sleep deprivation is related to the increased odds of unsafe behavior or risky activities including drunken driving, aggression, drug abuse, tobacco consumption, and most importantly unsafe sexual activity. Thus, in order to keep all the precarious behavior at bay, it is important for the children to attain at least 8–9 Hours of sleep. As per the US-based Youth Risk Behavior Survey, the researchers have collected a huge amount of data showing behavior-related issues in youths who get less sleep at night. Though more detailing regarding the impact of sleep on the behaviors has to be conducted there is no doubt that the parents have to start emphasizing bedtime rules on their teens so as to avoid future trouble. Or else this will have a huge impact on the teens when it comes to molding their behavior, mood, life, and performance. Looking at the escalating threat of adverse self-behavior, the parents have to make it a point to put forth their kids as their first priority.

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