Scientist Have Now Found A Key For The Lock Of Aging

Scientist Have Now Found A Key For The Lock Of Aging

The people opting for plastic surgeries or skin treatments for avoiding aging can now have a big smile on their faces, subsequent to the discovery of the University of Minnesota. As beauty is worshipped in every corner of the Earth and no one wants to age faster. The researchers have got the secret to the fountain of youth right this time that to at a rational value.

The researchers from the University of Minnesota have recently discovered a natural product which can help reduce the cropping up of damaged cells that lead to aging in the longer run. The natural product named Fisetin is a senotherapeutic strategized to increase the lifespan and health of the cells. This abundantly available product can also be used towards the last stage of the cells and still show excellent results. At present, the researchers are enlightening themselves with more data regarding the senescent cells, commonly known as the dead cells, and their aging process that is the cellular senescence. As reported by the University of Minnesota, the aging people show less immunity to clear out the damaged cells compared to the healthy individual. Hence, there is a need to reduce the burden laden on the damaged cells.

The ecology and evolutionary biologist Joanna Masel and postdoctoral Paul Nelson from the University of Arizona there is no way out for stopping the process of aging. It is mathematically impossible to slow the activity of aging in the multicellular animals. In the opinion of Masel and Nelson, the removal of the sluggish cells helps spread cancerous cells at a faster rate whereas the removal of cancerous cells lets sluggish cells thrive. Thus, according to the researchers, it is for you to decide whether the cancerous or sluggish cells are required. However, there is no doubt the aging cannot be reversed to attain immortality.

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