New Apple Devices Might Indicate Bad News For Jewelry Industry

New Apple Devices Might Indicate Bad News For Jewelry Industry

Cupertino-located tech behemoth Apple’s newest lineup of Apple Watch and iPhones might mean lackluster holiday season for the jewelry industry in the U.S. As per MarketWatch, with the holiday season coming in the country, users’ wish lists might comprise new Apple gadgets, which can add up to dull sales for the jewelry section.”

“By charging more for these vital tech goods, Apple is taking a major piece of the wallet from other discretionary goods. Jewelry will unluckily be damaged by that,” claims a report from MarketWatch quoting chief of Citizens Bank’s retail finance group, Jaime Ward, to the media in an interview.

He further claimed, “You can do so much more with the handset in comparison to earrings.” He showed a resemblance to earlier trend, where people in the U.S. bought new car model each year. “If you think about how the consumers in the U.S. purchased a car in the late 60s, there was a new car each year. If you were earning well, you purchased the latest model. There is an analogous phenomenon with the handsets.”

On a similar note, in what may take the load off from the authorized Apple repair team and offer consumers with an option to get their broken iPhones fixed, the tech major earlier made an entry in an agreement with Simply Mac (the 3rd-party service provider and reseller) to provide authorized repairs for screens.

As per the media report, Simply Mac is one of the world’s biggest Apple Authorized Service Provider chains and only 5 of its 50 shops have the right equipment and tools. The firm had been carrying out 3rd-party unauthorized screen repairs as the tools required for certified repairs are not given out for free by Apple.

Now, it appears the two firms have joined hands where the iPhone manufacturer will offer the essential tools and equipment, and in return, Simply Mac will have to stop its 3rd-party repairs.

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