Onward, An AI-Based Customer Service Startup, Acquired By Google

Onward, An AI-Based Customer Service Startup, Acquired By Google

Google has swiftly operated an acquisition freshly. The search giant bought Onward, a start-up based on customer service automation, for an undisclosed amount. Co-founders Pramod Thammaiah and Rémi Cossart will join Google with some of its employees.

So far, Onward has raised $ 120,000 in private funds in two rounds.

“We went the extra mile with the mission of allowing computers to engage in human and natural conversation,” Onward’s team wrote in a message on the company’s website. “With Google, we can increase the reach of the technologies that persist to work, these are the basic technologies that inspired us in the first instance and we’re happy to propose them to Google.”

Onward’s commercial chatbot platform used natural language processing to verify the customer messages. Relying on signals such as connection status, location, and historical activity, it could contextualize and customize its answers to the questions.

The maker of visual robots, which allowed customers to tweak their answers with decision trees, offered even more customization. With integrations with Help Scout, Zendesk, Hubspot, Salesforce, Spree, Shopify, and Solidus, robots can track conversations, monitor order, and shipments, and add potential customers.

The acquirement comes within a few months post-launch of Google’s Contact Center AI, a virtual machine-based customer representative who is in touch with callers over the phone. It responds to incoming calls and uses advanced natural language processing to suggest solutions to common problems. If the virtual agent does not resolve the caller’s problem, it will be passed to a human agent which is a function called Google Agent Support and will provide information applicable to the current call.

Owing to the Contact Center AI, eBay ShopBot, and other prominent implementations, the global chatbot market is anticipated to go grow beyond $1.34 Billion by 2024.

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