This Luxurious Limousine Is Self-driven Renault Ez-Ultimo

This Luxurious Limousine Is Self-driven Renault Ez-Ultimo

Renault introduced the EZ-Ultimo, an autonomous concept car with electric motor, designed as a luxury vehicle for short trips.

For example, the company believes that the vehicle can be used by individuals and high-level brands to transport customers between hotels and airports. It can also be used as a vehicle powered by an application.

The EZ-Ultimo has a range of 310 Miles and operates at a level four autonomy, enabling a car to drive in most scenarios. It can seat up to three people and is 5.8 meters long, similar in length to the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

This is the third self-driving concept revealed by the automaker Renault this year. The company wants to show the assortment of the use of autonomous cars to society. The six-seat EZ-Go, designed as an urban transport vehicle, was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March. This was immediately last month by the EZ-Pro, a look identical to a van. The EZ-Pro emphasizes on the last mile delivery but is also flexible to other business operations. For instance, it is applicable as a catering van.

EZ-Ultimo is at the top of the family and delivers first-class services accessible to all”. Instead of a shared transport vehicle that can commute around 10 passengers, the EZ-Ultimo is proposed for the private travel experience.
The three concepts, EZ-Go and EZ-Pro, are the most probable for production. “The first step is the production of EZ-Go,” says Stéphane Janin, concept car manager. “I cannot assure when, but it will come soon.”

He said, however, that his systems would probably be used first in conventional cars.”If you want to change the design of Concept Cars, people first need to feel safe and sound with technology,” said Janin.

Renault wants to offer this technology in standard models by 2022.

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